What we do

Our aim is to provide the necessary tools, medium and means to pave a way for the most talented artists, craftsmen and photographers in the developing countries, to be rewarded for their devotion to their craft. And in while doing so... make the world a more beautiful place for us all to live.

3rdworldcreative.com is a Swiss based fair trade e-commerce platform that specializes in the sourcing and sale of creative aesthetics from 3rd and developing economies. We connect talented third/developing-world artists, designers, craftsmen and creatives to markets which they may otherwise never have access to. Our primary goal is exposing the plethora of hidden talent concealed by national, geographic and socio-economic boundaries, and provide you, our valued customers, a chance to own some of their exquisite work.

Along with this objective we strive to dismantle entrenched hegemonic views associated with quality standards and the 3rd world, severing the heuristic connection between cost and quality and scaling production and access to creativity towards a globalized human-centric economy. 

What does Fairtrade mean for us?

We keep it simple. We pride ourselves on driving an ethically sustainable business model which rewards all members of the value chain fairly. Without our Artists we would not exist. Therefore, we ensure that they always receive the lion's share. We do this to ensure that they can keep bringing their beautiful representations of our world to our world. 

We believe that what the post-Covid world needs is more creativity and not less. 

In line with our philosophy, that business can and should be a bridge to healing the world and not exploiting it, our business model is based on extensive social investment, circular and regenerative economic principles. In short, we believe that business can be altruistic.
In this spirit, 5% of every sale is donated to UNICEF's 'Healing Through Art' programme in the Ivory Coast. This programme uses art therapy to rehabilitate child soldiers, street children and children affected by war in the region. In this way we hope to drive and cultivate future creatives in economies and environments which may stifle their development.