Why we do this

Art and human creativity are humanity's most primal beauties. A means of expression that has travelled with us from the beginning of human kind. From the rock art of our distant ancestors to Salvador Dali's awe inspiring surrealistic realities, art and creativity have been what has bridged and defined us as human beings.


It appears to us, that due to the expanding divide between strong and weak economies, we are slowly losing something we've held so dear throughout human history in exchange for economic progress which benefits some countries more than others. We here at 3rd World Creative find that unfathomable. How can we allow creativity to be stifled in certain economies merely because global macro-economics drive this divide in favour of the privileged minority.


Unfortunately the reality on the ground in most struggling economies is that creativity and creative productions and their local consumption are the first things to be effected by burgeoning economic disparity. 


So we thought, why?

3rd World Creative was born out of a desire to overcome this injustice by using modern solutions to bridge the economic divide. The result, artists and craftsmen living in weaker economies gain access to a means to sustain their creative passions while you our customers gain unbridled access to an ever expanding world of creativity at a competitive price.  

This creates a relationship based on mutual benefit rather than proliferating historically exploitative colonialist styles of economic exchange.