Zug, Switzerland

I'm Lee, 3rd World Creative's founder and Managing Director... and this is our gift to the world. The idea was initially conceived together with my spouse. We formulated this idea while travelling in Indonesia in 2019. Surrounded by a plethora of remarkable creativity with market access limited to tourist foot traffic, the idea dawned upon us. We wanted to support so many of these creatives, but grappled with the issue of luggage requirements and ease of travel.
I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed business graduate, still wet behind the ears determined to make a difference in the way the world does business... and then, shortly after our return home to Switzerland, Corona happened. A foreigner in my newly adopted home, I was left to fend for myself, so to speak. Left with no access to work or social support due to permit restrictions, and recently discovering I was to be a father, I was essentially stranded. Knowing I would be left in a worse situation by my own government in South Africa if I went home, I bunkered down in Switzerland. If it had not been for the support of my fiancé, I would have been left destitute. Watching the news from around the world it was clear that the ramifications of this would have the potential to destroy 3rd world economies. 
I could only imagine how difficult life could become for individuals in 3rd world countries if my own life in economically robust Switzerland had become so tough. An artist at heart from a young age, I decided to take the opportunity to use all the free time now available to me to drive the project with every nerve and sinew and build something I believe is truly needed in this world. Especially now. 
I wanted to build a company that was truly good. Not good like the superficial supplementary programmes that major corporations have messily saddled on their business structures. Often so they can claim a semblance of "feel good to look good" semiotics, which are solely used as a customer acquisition and loyalty strategy. No! Truly good, in every way the business is designed. This meant developing a business model which positively influences change in the world through all of its transactions.  
This desire lead to the construction of our business model, which harmoniously employs truly regenerative corporate social investment strategies, not only to supplement the business, but to be everything the business is.
Here it is. I hope this platform, and the works herein, bring as much joy to you as they do for me to promote them. 

Kwale, Kenya

I am Tima, 3rd World Creative Co-founder and its Strategic Partnership Director….and this is our gift to the world. As a Master of Science graduate with a specialisation in business development and promotion I was extremely excited when my former colleague from the business school introduced me to the 3rd World Creative business idea. What mostly moved me about the business idea was that it was a new opportunity to promote the massive talent and creativity which we believe exists in the developing countries and match it with the existing need for quality and professional artistic creative products which meant killing two birds with one stone. Being passionate about changing the world in a positive way, it is so valuable to me that we contribute to charity on every transaction with the objective of sustaining and fostering creativity in the developing economies.

I hope this platform paves a way to the most talented artists and craftsmen in the developing countries who are driven by pure passion and authenticity to share their stories through their creative products to the rest of the world, put a smile on their customers face and make the world a better place.